Blog Comment Will Increase SERP and Traffic

Let's start the next step of search engine optimization.It is all about blog comment and it is most important for your website or blog to be crawled by search engines and get a good traffic.Blog comment means" find the blog of your 'website theme' and comment on the particular topic of the blog,leave a link of your website in the blog."

Example:-If your website theme is shopping ,find the blog for shopping in Google and comment on the topics of these blogs.For leaving a link on Blog put this HTML Code on the downside of your comment and post it.Some blogs provides you the option to leave a link so don't put this HTML code there.

Example:-If your blog URL is " "and title is 'things to do for your Search Engine Optimization'.So when you will put the title and URL to above html code it will look like this.......
things to do for your Search Engine Optimization

* Title or keyword-I have already told you how to find the best keyword for your blog and visit to here for Keyword Tool.Put one best keyword here.

* URL of your website and blog- The full URL of your blog and website.

By this technique you will linked with another websites and you will get the good traffic from search engines.

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