Microblogging Site Twitter and The Concept of Twitter

Twitter is most important part of Internet, recently became most popular as a micro blogging site and social networking site which allows you to connect with world. Twitter allows you to send your daily updates to whole world and your followers commonly, who follow you on twitter.
Twitter Home page

Twitter concept is amazing and not only celebrities, common man to professional people using twitter to get connected with the whole world. It is now also a great part of business, and companies use commonly twitter to send updates to its fans. So let’s start it today to grow your business. Some of people think that twitter is only for celebrities and we can’t grow our business by twitter. But they are completely wrong Google has launched its update section for twitter tweets and the twitter search engines is also a great way to search on Internet and many more sites are doing same.
Definition Of Twitter From Wikipedia

Facebook is connected with twitter, Linkedin is also connected with twitter so use this one great tool or site which will really effect on your site search engine ranking along with leads you want to generate for your business.

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  1. I have also account in Twitter. It is a nice social networking site. Twitter offers social networking and microblogging service. Twitter allows you to connect with world.